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Satish – The CBTF Guru
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The CBTF biz is a big one. CBTF stands for Cricket Betting Tips Free. The industry is filled with everyone and their dog giving you tips on every side of the coin. It’s hard to filter out the cricket tips noise with so much content in the space.

The Single Best Piece of Cricket Betting Advice

The single best piece of advice when it comes to cricket betting in India (specifically the IPL) is this. Every tip and prediction you will ever see is a lie! It’s all made up! Bogus, fake etc.

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As a cricket betting guru and analysis this is my job. To give you lies. Why is it all lies? Because what my team, myself or any other cricket betting tipsters do is we predict the future.

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And the future is impossible to predict. Ya sure maybe we have hot streaks, but over the years nobody can predict the future consistently.

So what can you do then? You want CBTF but now you know our industries biggest kept secret.

What you can do about it

The only thing you can do about IPL cricket tips and predictions is to find a CBTF tipster or CBTF guru that you trust.

Don’t worry about what your friends think, or what information they read. YOU do the research and find a source of information that you can 100% trust.

CBTF Guru Promise to You

What I can promise to you is that I will lie. (Remember I just said all of us are trying to predict the future).

However, what I also promise to you is that I will put in the time and effort to research everything under the hot Indian sun. Player forms, injuries, batting lineups, auctions, ODI’s and every piece of information that I can find.

My team and I will synthesize all of our data. Toss out the irrelevant stats, focus on the stats that move the needle. And in turn try our very best to predict what’s most likely to happen. In a given cricket match.

It’s not going to be right all the time. But the one thing I can guarantee you is that my IPL betting predictions are what’s most likely to happen. Given the data we’ve analyzed.

CBTF India Popular Sections

IPL Betting at Betrally India

Betrally is the best site for Indian players. I personally play with Betrally and it’s my favorite.

Sports Betting in India

The sports betting market in India is thought to be worth Rs 3-4 lakh crore (Rs 3-4 Billion). Since the illegal street sports betting bookies have been pushed out of the major cities of India. Most people are finding safe licensed international sites to fulfill their sports betting needs.

There are a few licensed sports betting sites in India that have earned my trust. These sites are among the most trusted sports betting sites in the world. I have personally tried all of these sites, and have had much success.

Criteria for Sports Betting Books

I look at a lot of criteria when analyzing what makes a good sports betting book. It’s easy for many people to get caught up in fancy features of empty promises that a lot of marketing may show.

These are the most important criteria we use for selecting a betting book:

  1. Accepts Indian Rupees – The books we look at must have Indian Rupees as an accepted currency. Thus ensuring depositing and more importantly withdrawals will be successful.
  2. Accepts Indian Players– The sports betting book must accept Indian players. Again this will ensure transactions to and from the betting sites will be successful.
  3. Trust and Security – This is a problem for many people, as lots of bookies claim to be trustworthy. But are simply not. We test out every book so we know they can be trusted and secure.
  4. Includes IPL Cricket Betting– Of course the books we look at must include our favorite sport (cricket) and league (IPL). This is a must for us.
  5. Easy Depositing– Paypal, neteller, and skrill tend to be the easiest ways for India players to deposit. We break down which books offer each method.

Do I have to pay taxes on winnings?

I am not an accountant. To get an official answer it’s best to go to someone who is. Seek our legal blogs on sports betting winnings and taxes.