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In this section we give you the best tips for winning your cricket bets. IPL is covered in full. However these tips from the CBTF guru can be used for betting on any cricket league. Including World Cup ICC Cricket, Big Bash, all T20 matches, ODI matches, and domestic leagues.



Seriously this piece of advice is invaluable. A bonus is when you sign up for an online cricket book, such as Betrally India. And making a deposit. By making a deposit and placing a bet. You’ll be eligible to receive free rupees to bet with. Which means that the bets you win you get to keep. And the bets you lose you’ll get that money back to play with as a bonus.

I’m going to break down the steps here on how to get the biggest bonus.

  1. Click this link for Betrally India.
  2. Make a deposit (the larger you deposit the larger your bonus will be)
  3. Place bets on your favorite cricket matches
  4. Receive your bonus


Hedge your bets. Hedging cricket bets can be very powerful. Hedging is when you bet on both sides of a match. For example if you place a bet on the IPL match; Mumbai Indians (1.80) vs Delhi Capitals (2.10).

Winning just 1 of those bets would be pretty good. But if you want to minimize your risk, while still being able to profit. Betting for both teams to win is a great option.

In this example if the Mumbai Indians win the game, you’ll end up loosing only 20% of what you bet. But if the Delhi Capitals win, you’ll end up with 10% more.

What games are best to hedge your bets on?

The best games to hedge your bets on are the games that you believe will be a close match, and where one of the bets is >2.00 odds.


Manage your bank roll. This is CBTF guru’s very valuable advice. There are two main aspects to consider when managing your bank roll.

  1. Make your first deposit as large as possible to capitalize on your bonus
  2. A single bet should be much smaller than what your bankroll is

A great strategy for managing your bankroll is to only bet what you make in profits. For example if I place a cricket bet for ₹1,000 that has 1.80 odds and I win ₹800 rupees. Then on my next bet I’ll make 2 separate bets (hedging my bet) for ₹400 each. Therefor reducing my risk in two ways. By only using what you’ve won, and by hedging your bets. Reducing risk means you’ll profit more in the long run.

One extra point of view. Know what you’re betting on. For example make sure you know the history of the IPL.

Best CBTF Betting Sites

#1 Betrally India

IPL Betting at Betrally India

Betrally is the best site for Indian players. I personally play with Betrally and it’s my favorite.

#2 IPL betting is a great place to bet on IPL cricket. I confidently recommend it.

#3 Bet365

Bet365 IPL betting on cricket
4.7 / 5

Bet365 is an amazing option to bet on IPL cricket. Also they offer LIVE IPL STREAMING.


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