Here is the IPL betting rate for the 2019 cricket season. We always update our odds here. If there’s a match without a rate we’ll give you a link to a betting rate source.

We’re going to first discuss what IPL betting rates are. Then we’ll dive into the actual betting rates for the 2019 season.


Betting rates are also referred to as betting odds. They are one in the same. There are three types of betting rates that you’ll see in many online sports books.

  • Decimal odds – decimal rate
  • Fractional odds – fractional rate
  • American odds – American rate
IPL betting rate odds beat the odds dice


Decimal betting rate is the most popular, and the common odds used for IPL books. It’s often referred to as European odds, these are used across cricket IPL bettors from Europe, Canada and Australia.

The best part of decimal odds is they are the most simple to understand. Which is also the reason why they’re the default around the cricket betting world.

Your Bet x Decimal Rate = Potential Payout

e.g. ₹1,000 x 1.80 = ₹1,800 potential payout

So let’s say you’re looking for the IPL betting rate on the Mumbai Indians next match. If you place a ₹1,000 wager on the Mumbai Indians and the odds for the match is 1.80. That means the potential payout of placing that bet would be ₹1,800.

It’s important to remember that your original stake is included in the payout. So in reality the profit would be ₹800.


Fractional betting rate or fractional odds are also known as UK odds. This is because these rates are used across the UK and Ireland. But that makes it one of the oldest formats of IPL betting rates.

Fractional odds are a little harder to calculate but still relatively easy.

Potential Profit / Betting Stake

e.g. 10/15 means that for betting ₹1500 you will make ₹1000


US betting rate or US odds or moneyline odds. This IPL betting rate is used mainly in the United States Of America. This style of odds is represented as displaying how much you’d have to risk to win $100.

Depending on the cricket sports book that you choose you’ll find two IPL betting rates. The favorites and the underdogs. The favorite is indicated with a minus (-) symbol. Better chances of winning are present when the absolute value of the number is higher. For example -250 favorite has a better rate to win than a -200 favorite. Underdogs are presented with a plus (+) symbol.

Favorite Bet: Amount needed to win $100

Underdog Bet: Potential profit from $100

Favorite rate example: -200 = $100 profit on a $200 stake

Underdog rate example: +350 = $350 profit on a $100 stake

Personally I find the US odds the most difficult to understand. If you’re like me that’s totally fine. I prefer to get my IPL betting rate in decimal form. It’s simple just multiple the rate with your stake.


Here is the current updated IPL matches and their betting rate for the 2019 IPL season.

Chennai Super kings 1.80 vs Royal Challengers Bangalore 2.00

March 23, 2019

Kolkata KR 1.90 vs Sunrisers hyderabad 1.90

March 24, 2019

Mumbai Indians 1.66 vs Delhi Capitals 2.20

March 24, 2019

Rajasthan Royals 1.66 vs Kings XI Punjab 2.20

March 25, 2019


Below we’ve recommended cricket sports books that provide more IPL betting rates. These are places to place bets on any of the cricket matches that we’ve provided here. They also offer sports betting for many more cricket domestic leagues, international tests and ICC World Cup Cricket.

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