Free IPL betting tips for your cricket needs. CBTF Guru is here giving away all our predictions for the Indian Premier League 2019 season.


Welcome to the IPL betting tips page. This is where we will post our tips to help your betting strategy. We also will list our top 3 Indian Premier League cricket match predictions.

For a full list of the IPL match predictions checkout our cricket predictions page. That has the full Indian Premier League schedule and predicted winners.

Our match predictions pages gives your our betting tips for who we think will win. Our predictions and tips are based on our data analysis and betting experience.

IPL Betting Tip #1

Signup to bet with the bookmaker that gives you the biggest signup bonus.

This allows you to maximize your total cricket bets. And potentially win more as you have more betting leverage using the bonus amounts. CBTF Guru uses Betrally India as our primary book.

IPL Betting at Betrally India

Betrally is the best site for Indian players. I personally play with Betrally and it’s my favorite.

IPL Betting Tip #2

Manage your cricket bankroll.

If you deposit ₹1,000 Rupees and you bet it all on the Mumbai Indians to win their first match. And you loose it. Then you’re stuck, and you’ll have to make another deposit.

What CBTF guru recommends is only betting a small portion of what you have in your bankroll. So if I have ₹1,000 I would make 10 bets at ₹100 each bet. Instead of 1 bet at ₹1,000.

That way you maximize your ability to win your IPL bets and make a profit.

IPL Betting Tip #3

Bet on what you know.

This is the most overlooked cricket betting tip. Many IPL bettors make this mistake. If you do not pay attention to the IPL or cricket matches it’s best for you not to place bets.

Or if you know very well one team, like the Mumbai Indians. That would be a good team to make bets on. Betting on what you know will give you the biggest chance of winning. You’ll be more likely to know who is going to win.

For more cricket betting free tips checkout our CBTF page.

IPL Betting Prediction #1

Kolkata Vs Hyderabad

March 24, 2019

We predict that Dinesh Karthik is going to start out hot. He’ll lead Kolkata to a big win over Hyderabad in the second game of the Indian Premier League.

IPL Betting Prediction #2

Mumbai Indians Vs Delhi Capitals

March 24, 2019

We predict the Mumbai Indians to dominate the Delhi Capitals. Typically the Indians have started slow, but we believe this year with their new talent they’ll come out hot.

IPL Betting Prediction #3

Hyderabad Vs Rajasthan

March 29, 2019

We predict Hyderabad to beat Rajasthan. Although this is going to be a close match, and Rajasthan could pull out a win. This is a higher risk play, but could be worth a good payout.